Why It Matters More Than Ever To Embrace Your Community And Own Your Data

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Humanize Your Digital World

Personalization was a differentiator yesterday. Not so anymore.

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Shoppers crave the humanization of online shopping experiences.

Automated personalization tools were differentiators yesterday but NOT so going forward as customers have realized that most of today's personalization is NOT human:

❌ Chatbots
❌ Product recommendation engines
❌ Behavior tracking recommendations

Those tools will never replace the sort of human touch you get from your favorite store staff who knows you and your preferences personally and friends you share your brand experience with.

Decommerce® helps your webshop to be more human by allowing shoppers have interaction with other human beings, and share experiences directly on your website.

Social Media Followers Are Not Worth Anything

98% Of Organic Posts Go Straight To Trash

Social media platforms have become gatekeepers between brands and their communities.

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Data Privacy Laws Will Make Communication Through Third-Party Social Platforms Increasingly Difficult

And So Will The Cookieless Future

Example: organic reach on Facebook (2012-2023)

effects of social media organic reach

Source: SocialStatus, February 2023.

Organic Reach Rate (ORR) is the percentage of total page followers (page likes) who see a page's post in their feed organically, i.e. without spending money on ads.

With enhanced privacy concerns (iOS 14) and a cookieless future, retaining a community on 3rd-party platforms will get tougher.
Not easier.

Nike and Co. Have Invested Millions In Hosting Their Own Community

We Offer A Solution To Do So Without Breaking The Bank

In 2021, Nike acquired RTFKT for millions. In 2022, launched their own web3-enabled community space, Nike .SWOOSH, as the new digital community and experience.

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Study Shows Significant Positive Impact Of Decommerce®

We Offer A Solution To Do So Without Breaking The Bank

Results achieved after implementation of Decommerce®

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Decommerce® tripled the repurchase rate of menswear brand TBô within 3 months of a shopper’s first purchase.