How Organizations
Use Decommerce®

Decommerce community module

Selection Of Use Cases

Marketing Campaigns

Use Decommerce® tools for a time-bound marketing campaign.

Turn Store-Staff Into Influencers

Use Decommerce® tools to activate your store-staff's influence online.

Digital Focus Groups

Use Decommerce® tools to get real-time product and behavioral insights.

Influencer Managment

Use Decommerce® tools to scale and track your influencer program.

Run A Digital Marketing Campaign

Host Your Marketing Campaign On A Microsite, Instead Of Social Media


Fully branded.

Primary data ownership.

Live within 24 hours.

data privacy

Planning a campaign to drive repeat purchases or generating leads?

benefits of decommerce®

  • Drive traffic to your own microsite in your own, fully branded environment
  • Let members can log in with their social or existing brand account logins
  • Let fans reshare posts onto their social channels to drive traffic to your campaign microsite
  • Capture email addresses from new leads
  • Own all interaction and primary data to feed your CRM and marketing tools
  • Own user-generated content
  • Automate rewards for contributing participants

Promote Your Store Staff To Become Digital Influencers

Activate The Relationships Of Your Store Staff To Connect With Your Customers Digitally



Direct Interaction.

In Your Own Space.

humanise your brand

How do you differentiate yourself from 100%-digital challengers?

benefits of decommerce®

  • Let passionate store staff create rooms where they engage with loyal customers
  • 100% on-brand, 100% on your brand's domain, 100% control and visibility
  • Track store-staff engagement and performance level
  • Incentivize store-staff based on measurable KPIs, e.g. revenue or UGC
  • Gain invaluable insights into your community's wants and wishes
  • Generate new customer leads organically with the power of community
  • Gamify the customer experience with your brand
  • Control the content (AI-based moderation and human moderation possible)

Focus Groups But Scalable

Significantly Reduce Inventory Risk Due To Data-Based Decision Making




Focus group.

direct to consumer wholesale

Always wanted to have immediate customer input at your fingertips?

benefits of decommerce®

  • Significantly reduce inventory risk due to data-based decision making
  • Run real-time focus group with thousands of interactive participants.
  • 100% on-brand, 100% on your brand's domain, 100% control and visibility
  • Let passionate customers give invaluable product development insights
  • Gain invaluable insights into your community's wants and wishes
  • Generate relevant target audiences (e.g. email lists) before launching a product
  • Gamify the customer experience to incentivize valuable input
  • Control the content (AI-based moderation and human moderation possible)

Manage, Scale and Track Your Influencer Program

Streamline your entire influencer operation in one place

Lead generation.



Influencer program.

customer community platform

Tired of managing every influencer interaction on a case-by-case basis?

benefits of decommerce®

  • Streamline your influencer onboarding process
  • Enable influencer best practice sharing
  • Have influencers drive traffic to your owned community space, instead of social media
  • Collect email addresses for lead generation
  • Track influencer performance on metrics, e.g. leads generated, sales driven
  • Allow for automated performance-based influencer compensation
  • Create a space that is fully branded or influencer co-branded
  • Invite followers to private rooms with exclusive content and rewards