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Meet Decommerce.

Creating deep connections with your customer and turning them into your biggest evangelists is what we do best

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  • Zero computer skills needed
  • Works for every type of business
  • Get all your primary data

So, Why our community software?

Let’s face it - Building a community on social media with 2% organic reach is like inviting your community to join you in a castle protected by a dragon.

And this is where our « Community software » comes in.

Decommerce is your « knight in shining armor » that defeats the dragon and lets your dream community into your castle.

Our community software is the engine to your brand’s success

It’s the difference between the 99% of brands that don’t thrive and the 1% that do!

Without a community software:

  • No primary data
  • No loyalty
  • Less revenue
  • High marketing spend

With a community software:

  • Ocean of primary data
  • Most loyal customers
  • Triple returning rate
  • Less cost on marketing spend

Do You Want To Feel The Power Of Your Community?

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No Contracts - Cancel Anytime

Decommerce “Community”

Loyal Paying Customers to you!

We are the community software designed to help you increase the retention and loyalty of your hard earned customers. But that’s not all…

Increase customer lifetime value

Increase web shop engagement and conversion metrics.
  • Gamify, manage and track community behavior
  • Set incentives for community members
  • View and retrieve community data
  • Integrate community data with web shop data.
  • Connect email marketing tools.
  • Send push notifications to community members.

We give You Everything You Need To Thrive With Your Community:


14 days free trial then $100 $67/mo

Core features

  • Community Software

  • Customer Data Platform
  • DIY Onboarding
  • Integrations with most popular tools
  • 50K page views

  • 1 admin
  • 5 company users
  • 100 Community members*
  • 10gb storage**
  • Help desk & community knowledge base

* +$50/mo every extra 100 community members

** +10/mo every extra 10gb storage


$10000 $0 Setup fee + 2mo free then $297/mo

Includes all core features +

  • Community software
  • Contribution Reward Program
  • Customer Data Platform
  • Step by step Onboarding DWY
  • Full customization of the look & feel of your community
  • 3 custom Integrations
  • 500k pages views per months
  • 15 admin users
  • 150 company users
  • 5000 community members*
  • 100gb storage**
  • Dedicated Customer success manager
  • API calls 1M/mo***

* +$50/mo every extra 1000 community members

** +10/mo every extra 10gb storage

*** +$9/mo every 250k extra API calls 

Big Corporate

Get in touch

Includes all core features

  • Custom plan for your needs


Q1. What is Decommerce?
A: Decommerce is a platform that offers both a community software and a contribution reward program software.
Q2. What is the purpose of the Decommerce Community software?
A: The Decommerce Community software is designed to bring people together to connect, collaborate, and share ideas. It provides a space for members to engage with each other, participate in discussions, and build relationships.
Q3. What is the Contribution Reward Program software about?
A: The Contribution Reward Program software is a program that rewards individuals for their contributions to the community. This can include things like creating content, participating in discussions, or helping others in the community. The rewards are created by the brand/company who owns the community.
Q4. How does the reward system work in the Contribution Reward Program software?

A: The reward system works by assigning Collectibles/NFTs or tokens to individuals for their contributions to the community.

Q5. Is Decommerce free to use?

A: Decommerce offers  a free trial and paid plans. The free trial plan provides all a basic features for 14 days, while the paid plans offer additional features and benefits.

Q6. Is Decommerce secure?

A: Decommerce takes security seriously and implements a range of measures to ensure the safety of user data. This includes encryption and secure server storage.

Q7. How do I get started with Decommerce?

A: To get started with Decommerce, simply start your free trial account and start exploring the community and reward program features. If you need additional support, our team is available to assist you.

Q8. Can I integrate Decommerce with my existing tools and systems?

A: Decommerce offers API and integration capabilities, allowing you to integrate the platform with your existing tools and systems. Ready to use integration with the most popular tools are available. Contact our support team for more information on how to integrate Decommerce with your specific needs.

Q9. How can I provide feedback or report a problem with Decommerce?

A: If you have feedback or experience a problem with Decommerce, you can reach out to our support team through the Decom community: or by sending an email to We are always looking for ways to improve and would be happy to assist you.

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