Host Your Community. 
Own Your Data.

Transform your community into a profitable force by humanizing your brand and leveraging purchasing and social engagement data.

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Host your own community data

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4 reasons why brands choose Decommerce®

Increase profitable revenue & reduce risk

Triple customer lifetime value
You own your social data
Cut marketing spend
Turn social media from a cost center to a profit center

Unleash the Power of Human Connection

The Turnkey Solution to Building A Stronger, More Engaged Community

Decommerce community solution
  • Host Facebook Groups In Your Own Space

    Invite customers to join rooms, engage with you and fellow fans.

  • Humanize Your Brand

    Chatbots were yesterday. Invite real people to welcome others to your community.

  • Control What Happens In Your Social Space

    You set the dos and don'ts and how open or closed your rooms are.

  • Gamify The Shopping Experience

    Set rewards for engagement, referrals, and content (web2- and web3-enabled).

Meaningful Insights Which Integrate Into Your Data Lake

You Own Your Data. We Integrate The Data Capture Into Your Most Important Tools

  • Get insights on trends, topics, and content  

    Get a clear view in on how specific topics are performing and how community members are interacting.

  • Combine Primary Data In One Place

    Get your community's names, email addresses, public wallet addresses, purchase and social interaction data in one place.

  • Take Back Control Over Your Community

    You set the rules and choose how you want your community moderated: AI-based or by humans.

  • Gamify And Reward To Drive Your KPIs

    Set rewards for engagement, referrals, and content (web2- and web3-enabled).

Gamify and rewards your customers

You Choose Where Your Community Lives

Host your own community Data

Why Decommerce?

  • 100% in-brand experience (white-labeled)
  • Full control over social engagement
  • Automated AI-Moderation Engine
  • Integration into your loyalty program
  • Integration into your CRM
  • Integration into your existing email marketing tool
  • Email marketing segmentation based on interests and social behavior
  • Feedback & Analytics
  • SEO effect from community content on your domain
  • Fully customizable settings
  • Fully integrated gamifaction and rewards program

“The big idea in 2020's marketing is community.
Reaching consumers in the communities they are a part of and helping them express community membership by participating in your brand.”

McKinsey & Company 2022


of loyal customers will recommend a brand to friends.


of loyal customers will write a positive online review.


will remain loyal even after a negative experience.

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"Myth #3

Build the brand, and the community will follow.

The Reality

Engineer the community, and the brand will be strong."

Harvard Business Review

Issue April 2009