Attn: Business Owners, CMOs and E-Commerce VPs

Your Next Community Campaign. 
In Your Own Space.

  • Full ownership of community data
  • Full brand immersive experience
  • No computer skills required

Transform your next community activation campaign into a sales engine. Do the same as always but this time you get 100% of the reach and own all the data.

What is a Decommerce campaign?

Decommerce Offers A Curated Space Where You Can Host And Reward Your Exclusive Community

  • What is Decommerce?

    Decommerce is a tool that lets you run marketing campaigns and community activations on your microsite in your branding.

  • What campaigns is Decommerce designed for?

    Any marketing or sales campaign to which you only want to invite your most involved customers. Typical campaigns include early access to products, limited edition releases, and UGC campaigns.

  • What is the benefit of running a campaign with Decommerce?

    Benefits are plentiful. Here are the most important benefits:

    - Your space, your branding, your rules.

    - You reach 100% of your members (compared to 2% on social media platforms).

    - You own the resulting interaction data.

    - You can reward members for engagement.

  • How long does it take to set up?

    Less than 15 minutes.

  • What is a campaign worth?

    Depending on the scope and our involvement in the execution a campaign costs between $3,000-30,000. You can apply to be selected for a FREE campaign worth $25,000.

Effortlessly Run Community-Led Marketing Campaigns And Generate Profit With This User-Friendly 'Plug n' Play' Software.

Case Study: Luxury Menswear Brand TBô

Direct impact of Decommerce® on menswear brand TBô

Decommerce® tripled the repurchase rate of menswear brand TBô within 3 months of a shopper’s first purchase.

Unleash the Power of Human Connection

The Turnkey Solution to Activating Your Customer Base

  • Invite Customers To An Exclusive Space

    Invite customers to join rooms, engage with you and fellow fans. Not everyone gets to join!

  • Give Selected Customers Early Access

    Create a true sense of emotional connection and appreciation that every customer craves.

  • Humanize Your Brand

    Chatbots were yesterday. Invite real people to welcome others to your community campaign.

  • Control What Happens In Your Social Space

    You set the dos and don'ts and how open or closed your rooms are.

  • Gamify The Shopping Experience

    Set rewards for engagement, referrals, and content (web2- and web3-enabled).

Meaningful Insights Which You Can Use For Future Campaigns

You Own The Data. Even After The Campaign Is Finished. It's Yours.

  • Generate And Own User Generated Content

    Create an exclusive space where customers can share content.

  • Know Your Customers In New Dimensions

    Get a clear view in on how specific topics are performing and how community members are interacting.

  • Get Insights On Trends, Topics, and Content  

    Get a clear view in on how specific topics are performing and how community members are interacting.

  • Combine Primary Data In One Place

    Get your community's names, email addresses, public wallet addresses, purchase and social interaction data in one place.

  • Take Back Control Over Your Community

    You set the rules and choose how you want your community moderated: AI-based or by humans.

  • Gamify And Reward To Drive Your KPIs

    Set rewards for engagement, referrals, and content.

You Choose Where Your Community Lives And What It Looks Like

Why Decommerce?

No tech skills required - Go live in 30 minutes.

  • 100% in-brand experience (white-labeled)
  • Full control over social engagement
  • Automated AI-Moderation Engine
  • Integration into your loyalty program
  • Integration into your CRM
  • Integration into your existing email marketing tool
  • Email marketing segmentation based on interests and social behavior
  • Feedback & Analytics
  • SEO effect from community content on your domain
  • Fully customizable settings
  • Fully integrated gamifaction and rewards program

“The big idea in 2020's marketing is community.
Reaching consumers in the communities they are a part of and helping them express community membership by participating in your brand.”

McKinsey & Company 2022


of loyal customers will recommend a brand to friends.


of loyal customers will write a positive online review.


will remain loyal even after a negative experience.

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